Mentorship Program

Mastering The Art of Retreat Planning


Is this you???

  • Although I have been considering hosting a retreat, I am scared of failing, scared of losing my money.

  • Dying to run a retreat but don´t know where to start? Do I hire a venue first or do I find facilitators to help?

  • Are you worried you are not going to fill up your retreat? I don´t have an audience, how will I fill it?

  • Who am I to host a retreat? There are so many more qualified people hosting retreats. Why me????

  • I don´t know where to find the right people to sign up for my retreat

Is this you? If this is you I want to talk to you about this life-changing Mentorship!

it´s your moment

Are You Ready?


Ready to leave your legacy by creating an impactful retreat experience that resonates with your deepest purpose, sparks inspiration, and makes our world a better place?


Ready to harness your power already within this 12-week program so you can plan, sell, and execute your dream retreat and take your business to the next level.


Ready to leave all those limiting beliefs around you and attract soul-aligned clients. Grow a community of transformation and leave this world a better place.

You’re a bright light

that has invaluable gifts to offer

So why wait any longer to share them with others?

If you: 

🌎 Daydream about hosting a retreat someday

😬 Feel intimidated by the idea of planning a retreat

💡 Are in the beginning stages of building your retreat business

🧭 Feel lost at where to start

🙈 Feel like an overwhelmed newbie

❌ Have faced costly challenges hosting retreats in the past.

Then know that it’s finally YOUR time.

Consider this program as the catalyst you’ve been waiting for to level up not just your business - but your entire life.

Calling all aspiring retreat leaders, event planners, and retreat business owners!

If your heart is filled with larger-than-life ideas that are struggling to surface… this message is for you.

If any of these sound familiar,

Know you're being summoned to a higher level of mastery and abundance:


Synchronicities calling you to host a retreat keep appearing, but a deep-rooted fear of failure always prevents you from making a move.

Gut Feeling

Your gut is telling you it’s time to expand the impact of your business but you have no idea where to start.

Heart Expansion

Your heart is calling you to accomplish more, but you’re struggling to know where to focus your energy to maximize your time.

Inner Calling

You’re proud of the audience you’ve cultivated - but worry you won’t be able to translate the same energy into an in-person retreat.


You want your business to leave a legacy - but the craziness of everyday life prevents you from making any real progress.

Want to be Brave

You avoid acting on your passionate ideas because your fear of financial loss always wins.

Choices you make TODAY determine what tomorrow brings

You can choose to commit to a path of profound growth (even if it’s a little scary).

You can choose to silence the doubt that once held you back and replace it with certainty and unshakeable belief in your potential.

How different would tomorrow be if you consciously decided to accept the support you need and deserve?

You're invited to find out.

This isn't just a program—it's a leap into abundance, and the permission to live your dream alongside a 7-figure coach and mentor who makes your mission their own.

what the graduates say

Taking Leni´s course was the best decision ever. I’ve been struggling to figure out how to start planning a retreat, and this course gave me the tools and steps, and confidence to go for it!

Nayeli Amezcua

Leni´s program are created to guide us through the process based on our souls' purpose. I learned there were a lot more things behind the scenes that contribute to a successful retreat or program.

Sorimar Estrada

You’re On The Cusp of Powerful Change

  • Transform your mindset so your limiting beliefs no longer influence how you run your business.

  • Have the confidence to start charging what you deserve, so you can blow your guests away AND level up your income.

  • Strengthen your relationship with your audience so you’re surrounded by people who are eager to invest in what you have to offer.

  • Master the art of energetic selling so you can communicate your value and sell out your retreat without feeling icky or anxious.

  • Sell out your retreat (and even generate a waitlist!) stress-free thanks to your new foolproof strategy curated from the knowledge of hundreds of successful retreats past.

This is exactly what I need. Enroll me now!

Why Now?

The travel industry is booming bigger than ever - so the time is NOW to turn your wildest dreams into reality. 

In 2022, the global wellness economy reached $5.6 trillion, nearly 14% higher than its size in 2019.

The Global Wellness Economy is projected to reach $8.5 trillion in 2027.,

Wellness Tourism's Projected Annual Growth is 16.6%

International wellness tourists on average spent $1,764 per trip in 2022, 41% more than the typical international tourist.

choose gold or vip

What You will Get


  • 12 Weekly - 90 min LIVE group sessions with Leni

  • Go-At-Your-Own-Pace  Curriculum Modules on how to create your dream retreat business

  • Peer Led Accountability Pods

  • Guest coaches, speakers, and surprises

+ Bonuses worth over 6K

USD 2,447 - One Time Payment


12 Payments of USD 247

Your Perfect Pricing Program

Value $2,447

22 Methods to Sell Your Retreat


8 Days to Magnetic Wealth

Value $1,447

Ideal Client Meditation


5 Days to Sold-out Retreats

Value $997

Mastering The Art of Retreat Planning Book




+ Bonuses worth over 14K

USD 7,000 - One Time Payment


7 Payments of USD 1,111

12 VIP Group sessions with Leni

Value $6,000

Weekly Co-Working Power Hours


3 1: VIP sessions with Leni

Value $1,500

3 group online days with Leni


Brand Audit

Value $1,000

3-Day Mastermind in Mexico

*pay in full only


Drawing from the collective wisdom of hundreds of soul-enriching retreats past, our program framework is anchored in four core pillars:

Elevate Your Vision Through the Four Pillars of Retreat Mastery


Unearth full abundance and align with your true calling as you break through the negative beliefs holding you back and build the life you’ve always dreamed of.


Our heart-centered approach to sales and marketing ensures you’re communicating your value with honesty and integrity to the right audience.

Business & Sales Strategy

Set up your retreat business for long-term success by choosing the pricing strategy you deserve, mastering the art of upselling, and learning how to foster repeat attendees.

Planning & Execution

Fastrack learning how to curate the perfect itinerary, choose the best retreat style, and fill your seats with your dream guests without losing money.

By enrolling in ‘Mastering The Art of Retreat Planning’ you’re saving yourself:

  • $10K+ in consulting fees (with the average industry consultant charging upwards of $150/hour).

  • $3K+ in “quick-fix” guides and resources that don’t yield actual bookings.

  • Thousands in wasted profits thanks to making (completely avoidable) newbie mistakes.

That’s at least $6K in savings at a minimum.

So instead of spreading yourself so thin - why not hone your skills alongside the proven mentor who has helped hundreds of retreat hosts before you maximize their potential instead? 

clients testimonials

“Thank you! I really loved your training! I learned so much more than I ever could imagine: tools, about myself, about creativity & art, and about therapy. I can say that I definitely leave your training as a completely different and more integrated version of myself, excited to share all the learning with the world!


Leni's course was great! Very informative and it's clear that Leni has a wealth of experience in the field of retreat planning!I have learned very valuable things from Leni, so I can host a better retreat myself. She taught me very useful tips and tricks and also showed my how to improve my website, sales and many other useful things.I highly recommend attending one of Leni's courses.

Nils Oudhils

Meet Leni: the Visionary Behind It All

level up

Here’s a sneak peek into the transformative teachings that await you:

Embrace Your Highest Self Through Masterful Planning

Creating a retreat that fulfills both you and your guests isn't something that happens overnight—it's a soulful journey. 

This program will become your success coach, showing you the best plays so you can put your best foot forward. 

Winning Mindset: Reconnect with your self-worth as you watch your dreams turn into reality before your eyes.

Inspirational Selling: You deserve the success that is coming to you. Learn how to sell out your retreat without feeling awkward or fake.  

Personal Freedom:

Your retreat shouldn’t come at the cost of your personal time. With our guidance, reclaim up to 80 hours you would have otherwise spent on grueling logistics.

Overcome Imposter Syndrome:

Transform fear into fuel. Say goodbye to anxiety from unsold spots or cancellations - this is your sanctuary of empowerment.

Proven Profitability:

Our proven strategies have built retreats that produced staggering profits—from a consistent average of $30,000 to astonishing peaks of $100,000.

Effortless Planning:

Our meticulously designed framework transforms the labyrinth of pre, pro, and post-planning stages into an effortlessly flowing income stream.

Unleash Your Mastery & Step Into Your Retreat Planning Greatness

Planning a retreat means you're also designing a life-altering experience - so it’s natural to have a few questions along the way.

But don’t let unanswered questions hold you back from executing your dream. 

This program will help you bypass the learning curve many retreat hosts face and answer questions like:

  • How can I sell out my retreat without feeling pushy or disingenuous, that feels right for ME? 

  • What’s the best pricing model that's both alluring to attendees and financially rewarding for my business?

  • What are the most impactful yet cost-efficient ways to market my retreat?

  • How do I curate an agenda that resonates deeply with my guests, and ensure they get the value they’re looking for?

  • What financial pitfalls should I avoid to safeguard my profit and uphold the integrity of the retreat?

  • How can I handle unforeseen changes gracefully without undermining the retreat's value?

  • What are my strategies for when the unexpected happens?

Uncertainty shouldn’t eclipse the incredible potential of your retreat vision.

There's never been a better time than right now to transition from 'aspiring host' to 'retreat planning master.'

You have the capability to orchestrate an extraordinary retreat—let us show you how.

You already possess the spark of extraordinary potential— and we have the fuel to ignite it. 

Through the 'Mastering the Art of Retreat Planning' course, you'll blend your innate creativity with time-tested strategies to finally bring your ultimate retreat vision to life.

So consider this your personal invitation to leap beyond the ordinary, nourish your soul, and step into the full abundance you deserve.


Are the Session Live? And when do they start?

This is a 12-week or 6-month live online mentorship. Starting February 2024

Where is the course held?

Online! You can take this training from anywhere in the world as long as you have a good wifi connection. We will send you our meeting link after registration.

What if I can´t attend one session?

No problem! We will record all the sessions

Do I need previous experience in retreat planning to take part?

Of course not! All you need to have is an open mind and heart with a pure intention to learn and participate.

 If I want to become a professional retreat planner or retreat leader, is this course right for me?

Of course! This course will teach you all you need to know to embark on the retreat planner´s journey!

 Still have questions...

Still have questions about the program? 

Book a call with Leni directly to learn more about how the Mastering the Art of Retreat Planning program can benefit you and your retreat business!

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Please share your vision for yourself for the next 12 months. Be as specific & feel as expansive in terms of business, lifestyle, love, family, community, etc.

What is your average monthly income? What is your 6-12 month revenue goal?

What gets you most excited about joining Mastering The Art of Retreat Planning? Where do you feel are your blindspots or current areas with the MOST room for improvement? Where are you most looking forward to receiving coaching from Leni and the rest of the community?

Which program are you most excited about diving into? Mastering The Art of Retreat Planning 12-week experience or the VIP container for Mastering The Art of Retreat Planning 6-months experience?


What is your bigger WHY for showing up? What makes now the time for you to join Mastering The Art of Retreat Planning?

If you are accepted, you will have 4 options to enroll: Pay in full ($2,447 (Gold) / $5,000 VIP) or payment plan ($447/mo for 6 months (Gold) or $1,111/month for 5 months (VIP)). Please indicate which option you'd like to go with if we decide it's a great fit!

How committed are you to joining the next Group Program of Mastering The Art of Retreat Planning?

Anything else you desire to share with Leni & the Retreat Planner team? Thank you for taking the time and energy, we appreciate you and are so excited to get in touch and explore the opportunity of coaching you into your next level of growth as the whole woman.

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