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Welcome to The Retreat Planner! We empower coaches, entrepreneurs, business owners, and wellness facilitators to create a 6-figure business through our exclusive coaching programs and retreats. Join us on this transformative journey towards success and abundance.

Leni Cavazos


You can avoid this pitfall

Retreats often fail for one of the six reasons

A confusing Retreat messaging that is not talking to your ideal client

A product offering that is not as profitable or in demand as it could be

A sales methodology that is not closing Sales

A lack of strategic planning that amounts to endless hours of work

A marketing efforts that fails to produce results

A lack of clear value proposition that fails to communicate its unique benefits

The six issues are the main causes of retreat businesses not making a 6-figure mark. Coaching will help you personalize your business so your business grows

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For coaches & experts looking to build a 6-figure Retreat Business and create a transformational business that will change people’s lives. Yearly Group Program.

Starting at 6.4K

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For coaches & retreat centers looking to scale their businesses to 7-figures that love personalized support and fast results. Starting at 3K/month

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For entrepreneurs who want to develop skills to grow & scale their business while living the luxurious life they deserve in unique locations.

Starting at 4K


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Deep understanding of retreats & events and the fulfillment of our life's purpose

"Leni has been one of the most helpful, efficient, and understanding people I have worked with before. She has the ability to effortlessly understand all of your needs and be able to respond to them quickly and most elegantly! It is not so often that you find people who have a deep understanding of retreats & events organization and the fulfillment of our life´s purpose. It was a true delight to collaborate with Leni, looking forward to the next project with her!"

Xuan Lan Yoga & Meditation Teacher

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Now I am living my dream lifestyle that was for so long just a floating, passionate idea

For over a decade, I envisioned leading transformative retreats for women. When I met Leni, everything aligned. Her unique approach beautifully merged the practical, creative, and spiritual aspects necessary for my mission-led business. Although my initial retreat didn’t meet sales expectations, it set the stage for a 100% attendee return rate and my next event, Silent Serenity, was a complete sell-out. Leni’s guidance was invaluable—from planning to execution, covering contracts, budgeting, and logistics. Thanks to her, I'm not only realizing but living my dream, delivering impactful healing experiences. I’m eternally grateful for Leni’s genuine mastery which turned my vision into a thriving reality.

Tiffany Marshal - Soul Rich Retreats

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Transform Your Retreats with Leni's Expert Program!

Leni's retreat planning course was incredibly informative and packed with practical tips. With her extensive experience, she not only enhanced my skills in hosting retreats but also in improving my website and sales strategies. I highly recommend her course to anyone looking to elevate their retreat offerings.​

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In a thirty-minute intake call you and I will talk about what´s holding you back and where you want your business to go


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I´ll send you a custom email about how we could work together to grow your retreat business. Growing Your Business is much easier if you have a plan. In step two I will show you your plan.


Enjoy a Growing Business

In only six months you will not recognize yourself or your business. You will move from chaos to efficiency and from confusion to confidence. And you will make more money

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Hey there! From orchestrating weddings to crafting over 100 incredible retreats, I'm on a mission to help coaches, consultants, and experts turn their passions into 6-figure businesses through impactful retreats. Hailing from Mexico, I've got the superpower to equip others to transform their ideas into lucrative ventures.

Oh well... my journey began when ended up in a dark place in my personal life and retreats rescued me. Witnessing their importance, I noticed many operating without a strategy, struggling to make a profit, and risking closing down. That's when my calling became clear.

Drawing from my 20+ year experience in event planning and 6 years in sunny Dubai launching a Marriott loyalty program across the Middle East and Africa, I now help impact-driven experts turn their events into thriving businesses.

Now, I've had the incredible opportunity to work with renowned figures, like Dr Joe Dispenza, Gurmukh, and Xuan Lan, in fascinating and energetic hotspots around the world. Let's add unforgettable experiences and lucrative ventures to your business and life!

Create Your 6-Figure Retreat Business Guide

For coaches, consultants & experts looking to run PROFITABLE retreats

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How To Run Profitable Retreats

Welcome to How To Run Profitable Retreats, a soulful podcast by Leni Cavazos. Join us as we dive into the world of creating retreats that are not only financially successful but also deeply significant. Leni will share valuable insights and strategies to help you curate retreat experiences that are truly transformative for your guests and fulfilling for yourself. Emphasizing authenticity, community, and intention, this podcast is essential listening for anyone seeking to design impactful retreats that leave a lasting impression. Tune in to hear inspiring interviews with accomplished retreat leaders and engaging solo episodes.

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